About The Chesterton Academy

The Chesterton Academy is based in the gymnasium at Chesterton Sports Center.


Recreational classes follow the British Gymnastics proficiency award scheme. Children are grouped by their age, gender & ability level. The badge system starts at 8-1 then Bronze, Silver, Gold. Some badges are harder to pass then others and can sometimes take a couple of terms. We extend the award scheme by learning skills across all the apparatus used in general gymnastics.

All sessions are very well organised and prepared. The gym has zoned areas, to allow us to utilise the space available in a safe and productive manor. We have a fabulous team of young leaders that support the floor skills and help children that have special educational needs, this allows the club to be inclusive. A 1hr session runs as follows: 10 min warm up, 15 mins on floor skills (extended to help pass badges) 3 x 10 mins apparatus.

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